Claims Tips for Customers Affected by Hurricanes

We are here to help your business recover and hope this information is helpful to you.

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we are greatly concerned for the safety of all those affected by storms. If your business has been affected, we have put together some claims information to guide you through the process in the aftermath of the storm.

Need to get started with a claim?

We know that times of weather emergencies can be stressful and we're here to help. If you need to get started with a claim, please call the following numbers:

  • For small business customers, call 844-3-CLAIMS
  • For midsize/large customers, call 800-362-0000
  • For Ironshore Claims, email
  • For Ironshore Private Client Group customers, including those who have Homeowners, Marine, Yacht, or Fine Art policy claims, please contact Raphael & Associates at 1-800-466-9165 or email

Property claims tips for customers

  • Stay safe. Your safety is our top priority.
  • Assess damage to your business. Take photos to assist with filing any insurance claims. Separate your damaged goods. Maintain detailed records.
  • Make emergency repairs. If it is safe and lawful and the threat has passed, make emergency repairs to your property to prevent further damage. If, when you report a claim, we recognize the need for emergency services, your adjuster will work with you to access the best resources to assist in your recovery.
  • Track your inventory. Property loss is more than just damage to the building — it can include damage to its contents, too. Having a complete list of your inventory ready can help speed up the claim process.
  • Consider virtual adjusting to support social distancing. Your claims specialist can provide more information to you about our process.   
  • Ask about electronic payments. Adverse weather can delay the delivery of paper checks by mail.  Ask your claims specialist if you can receive your payments electronically.  
  • Take a breath. We are committed to providing the best claims service we can give you.

Auto claims tips for customers

  • Assess damage to your vehicle. Take photos of the interior and exterior. If your vehicle is flooded, avoid starting it.  You can text or email photos to your claims adjuster to expedite your claim.  In many cases, we can assess the damage virtually via the LM Expedite app. Depending on the extent of the damage, your vehicle may qualify for Liberty Mutual's Guaranteed Repair Network for a fast and vetted repair experience.
  • Cover damaged windows. Taking this step can help mitigate additional damage.
  • Locate your missing vehicle. If you can't find your vehicle, contact local authorities. During floods, local authorities sometimes tow or move vehicles to aid in cleanup efforts.
  • Prepare before your car is towed. Before a tow arrives:
    • Only access your vehicle if you can do it safely and lawfully!
    • Remove property from your vehicle.
    • If we determine your vehicle may be a potential total loss, we can move it to a storage facility where we will evaluate the damages and value via our Total Loss Express process.    

Workers compensation tips for customers

  • Assess if any employees are missing or injured. Call for emergency medical attention if necessary. Do not move any seriously injured individuals. Provide search and rescue with the last known locations of anyone you believe may be missing in the storm.
  • Mitigate the risk of employee-related injuries. Monitor potential exposures to hazards and limit contact with flood waters and electrical lines.
  • Know that we will be in touch with your injured workers. Our workers compensation teams are working to identify and reach out to existing injured workers in the impacted areas of the storm to ensure continuity of care.

We're here for you every step of the way with resources to help you get back on your feet. Thank you for choosing Liberty Mutual Insurance.



Important Numbers

Call us any time 24/7 to report a claim:

  • Small Business Customers call:
    1-844-325-2467 (844-3-CLAIMS)
  • Mid/Large Business Customers call:
  • For Ironshore Claims, email

For Ironshore Private Client Group customers, including those who have Homeowners, Marine, Yacht, or Fine Art policy claims, please contact Raphael & Associates at 1-800-466-9165 or email

For any safety related questions, please contact our risk control consulting center.

​Disaster Recovery Resources

Recovering from a disaster takes time. While your safety always comes first, here are some resources to help you work towards recovery after an emergency.