Mergers and Acquisitions


Work with a Leader in Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance

The mergers & acquisitions (M&A) transactional risk market is fast-growing and complex, with clients and brokers increasingly turning to insurance products to manage an ever-expanding range of transactional risks and to take deal-blocking issues off the table.

Liberty Global Transaction Solutions (GTS), a recently launched business unit, is a full-service M&A insurance solutions provider for this complex and emerging market. Liberty GTS offers a range of effective M&A insurance products, including:

  • Representations and Warranties/Warranty and Indemnity Insurance
  • Tax Liability Insurance
  • Tax Credit Insurance
  • Bespoke Solutions covering Contingent Risk

Delivering Global Expertise and First-Class Service

Liberty GTS is one of the most experienced mergers and acquisitions teams in the world. In fact, our team closes more than 400 deals a year. When you work with Liberty GTS, you’ll benefit from:

  • Our experienced underwriters, who average nearly a decade of experience each, are fluent in a wide array of languages, and were practicing lawyers or accountants prior to joining our group.
  • A dedicated claims-handling team who only handles M&A claims.

From representations and warranties insurance and tax liability insurance to unique, customized policies, our team has earned a reputation for executing multiple transactions with attention to detail and within the deadlines required. 


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President, Liberty GTS
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Gareth Rees
Chief Underwriting Officer, Liberty GTS
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