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Insurance for Sharing Economy and Shared Mobility Businesses

Widespread access to broadband connectivity and hand-held devices has encouraged the growth of the sharing economy. Owners of vehicles, rental spaces, tools, and other assets now have a new means for generating revenue, while consumers can enjoy services on-demand, without the full commitment of ownership.

Today, car ownership and public transportation are complemented by new options for movement, shared mobility. With a few keystrokes, customers can produce immediate access to cars, bicycles, and scooters. But new flexibility in ownership presents new challenges and questions: when assets, talent, and access are shared, who holds responsibility? How are conflicts addressed and/or claims resolved?

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we help businesses prepare for the challenges related to the sharing economy and shared mobility so they can grow in this new landscape with confidence.

A Leader in Shared Mobility

A pioneer in the sharing economy since 2009, we have been creating a shared mobility risk management practice across all 50 states – and expanding worldwide – with a focus on:

  • Insurance products designed for shared mobility, making shared services easier to consume and more desirable to access;
  • Flexible partnerships where we share design, execution, and marketing responsibilities through solutions unique to each client;
  • Dedicated underwriting by a team of industry experts who understand the business pressures and requirements unique to shared mobility.
  • Providing claims handling capable of navigating the complex liabilities and risk transfers of a sharing economy.

We Grow with You

We help prepare you for the sharing economy journey, enabling you to grow from "proof of concept" to "market conquest" with a consistent, stable, and flexible insurance foundation. We bring:

  • Regulatory intelligence: Our experience and expertise help you navigate the complex jurisdictional and compliance landscape, allowing you to move into new and emerging markets fast.
  • Custom coverages: We offer insurance products tailored to the sharing economy/shared mobility environment – they're ready to roll when you are. As the space evolves, we invest in the innovation necessary to meet changing demands.
  • Data and pricing sophistication: Numbers drive your business. You can leverage our deep data sets and experience to find the exact price points that balance risks and opportunities to your profitable advantage.
  • Claims expertise: As a recognized leader in superior claims management, we have a dedicated team of professionals who handle sharing economy claims from beginning to end, paying expert attention to the complexities of timing and subrogation that come with the sharing economy territory.
  • Dynamic risk control We can identify exposures and recommend practical ways to mitigate them, before and after hiring drivers, through at-risk driver profiles and proactive training.

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