​Online Audit (eReport) FAQs

In order to streamline the premium auditing process, policyholders can now submit information online using our Premium Audit Report (eReport) tool. Eligible policyholders will receive letter invitations with access codes for eReport along with the traditional hard-copy mail forms via USPS.

By using premium audit eReport, you can:

  • Securely submit your coverage and exposure information via our easy-to-use online form
  • Save in-progress work and complete at a later date
  • Share access with trusted third parties, such as your agent and accountant
  • Obtain relevant information you may need to complete the audit
  • Be guided through the entry process with explanations, tips, examples, graphics
  • Access dashboard with status of all auditable policies within an account
  • Send, print or save a copy of your submission
  • Measure your experience and to collect suggestions for improvements through our survey

As we continuously improve eReport, more features and details will be added to enhance the policyholder experience.

Learn more about eReport by reviewing the frequently asked questions below.

Online Audit (eReport) Help

General Audit Help 

​Premium Audit Questions

For questions please contact our customer service team:

Online Request Form
Fax: 1-800-800-3723 

If your policy number is in the 15-character, alphanumeric format (e.g. WCC-123-456789-015):

Online Request Form
1-603-422-0144 (Mail Forms)
1-603-334-0291 (Disputes)