COVID-19 Resources and FAQs for Injured Workers

Helping with your workers compensation needs during COVID-19

We know COVID-19 response is affecting injured workers. Our workers compensation claims teams have activated a few plans to assist you better while keeping people safe. Visit this site daily for updates and answers to questions as we continue to respond through the situation. 

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Your claims specialist is your partner

Our workers compensation claims specialists are working hard to identify those on workers compensation who are at higher risk and those impacted by COVID-19. Your claims specialist may call or email you about:


To support social distancing, and so you do not need to deposit a check, your claims specialist might call you to activate electronic funds transfer.
This can deposit your payments directly into your bank account. It’s quick and easy.

Care providers

If your medical appointment is postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, we will help you with finding other providers, depending on rules in your state. We may also connect you to telemedicine or telerehabilitation, if appropriate.


Also to support social distancing, we can help you find a drive-thru pharmacy, sign up for mail order or get a refill extension for your medications.

Frequently asked questions

​Is all this going to delay when I can go back to work?
Rescheduled or canceled appointments may prolong time off work or recovery times for injured workers, but our teams are working to mitigate this impact as much as possible.
Can I get a virtual appointment with my healthcare provider rather than an in-person one?
​We are working to expand the availability of telemedicine and telerehabilitation. Availability depends on your state and your situation.  Talk to your claims specialist to learn more.
Is it safe to take the transportation you are providing to my appointment?
​We are working with our transportation partners to confirm they are following CDC guidelines, and to help them leverage those best practices for transportation safety (cleaning practices, no shared rides, etc.). If there is a concern with transportation, our claims specialist will discuss it with you.
Why was my light duty assignment canceled?
Social distancing guidelines and government actions have temporarily closed many common light duty options, including our own temporary placement program in nonprofits and volunteer assignments.
Following guidelines related to worker and community safety must come first. We will be looking to identify alternatives and to resume programs as they become feasible and safe.
Is my injury or illness covered?
All claims coverage and compensability issues are handled on a case-by-case basis. They depend on your employer's policy and other factors. Contact your claims specialist to discuss your situation.


​Contact Us

If you need to report a new workers compensation claim, please contact your employer.

If you just reported a claim, your claims specialist will reach out to you shortly.

If you have any issues with an existing claim, call or email your claims specialist.