Workers Compensation Claims


Policyholder Resources for Workers Compensation Claims

Whether one of your employees is currently injured or you just want to better understand what resources are available to you, we offer a variety of services and tools to help you, including:

  • An overview of our pharmacy program
  • Instructions on how to find local medical providers
  • Easy access to state-specific workers compensation claims forms, posting notices, and websites.

If you have questions about how to use these resources, please contact your independent agent or broker.

Workers Compensation Pharmacy Program

Liberty Mutual Insurance’s managed care pharmacy program, offered through Optum, formerly Helios, provides injured workers with access to necessary medications for their work-related injuries. Learn more about the program and how to help your employees enroll:

First Fill Program Benefits (PDF)

Find a Local Medical Provider

Medical provider networks can help to reduce the cost of claims while offering quality services to employees with work-related injuries. You can quickly find local medical providers online or by telephone.
For more information, please see the “Find a Medical Provider” module on the right.

State-specific Workers Compensation Resources

In many states, employers are required by law to use state-specific workers compensation claims forms and posting notices. Select a state below to review any required materials or to access that state’s workers compensation website. 

If you have questions about the information above, please contact your independent agent or broker.