Workers Compensation Claims & SmartVideo Communications ​

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Enhancing the Injured Worker Experience with Personalized Video Technology

After suffering a work-related injury, an employee may not know what to expect during the claims process.  To improve the employee experience and deliver better outcomes for our customers, Liberty Mutual Insurance has introduced personalized SmartVideo technology to help educate and provide important claims information to injured workers in a more timely and interactive way.

A customized two-minute video, available in English or Spanish, is automatically sent via email to an injured employee whose claim meets certain criteria. The employee can quickly access the video via computer, tablet, or mobile device to learn more about:

  • What to expect during the claims process
  • How to contact his or her claims specialist
  • Claim-specific details, such as his or her claim number, claims status, and payment information
  • Available resources, including pharmacy program information and how to look up medical providers

With this information in hand, injured employees have a better understanding of their claims and available tools, which may help them to recover and return to work sooner.

The video– the first of its kind for workers compensation claims – also helps improve communication with an injured worker by acting as another touch point and reinforcing the information shared by his or her claims specialist. 

Watch the video above for an example of our SmartVideo communications.

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