​Solar Panels: Reaping Rewards While Reducing Risk


Today, more and more businesses are "going green." This may mean recycling paper, bottles, and cans; retrofitting buildings with eco-friendly materials; or even installing roof-mounted solar photovoltaic systems (PV) as an alternate source of electricity.

 In recent years, commercial adoption of solar photovoltaic (commonly known as solar panels) systems has spread rapidly in the United States. In fact, more than 40,000 business, nonprofit, and government locations throughout the U.S. have solar photovoltaics1.

Solar panels can provide businesses with attractive financial benefits, such as tax incentives and lower utility bills.  However, using solar panels does come with some risk.  For example, solar panels can:

  • Affect the integrity of a building and lead to roof-related damage or collapse
  • Expose firefighters to additional risks and interfere with fire extinguishing efforts

By understanding the potential challenges that come with using roof-mounted PV systems, you can reduce your risk, improve safety, and better protect your business from damage. Download our white paper to learn more.

1, Solar Energy Industries Associations. "Solar Means Business 2014: Top U.S. Commercial Solar Users." http://www.seia.org/research-resources/solar-means-business-2014-top-us-commercial-solar-users Retrieved August 2015.


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