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 Expertise, efficiency, and a nimble approach: equipment breakdown coverage, done better

In these competitive times, it pays to explore equipment breakdown (EB) coverage through Liberty Mutual Equipment RE (LMERE). With the backing of a global insurance leader, our EB coverage can give you the business edge you're looking for.  

This isn't just any EB coverage, though. We'll build a custom product strategy based on your specific business needs, to make sure you have exactly the right coverages to protect your business, farm, and home customers. Along with great protection, you can rely on us for efficient service, expert claims management, and clear guidelines – all designed to save you time and money.

Established in 2007, the Liberty Mutual Equipment RE team is a leader in the reinsurance market. Today, we continue to expand our appetite and build strategic partnerships, backed by the financial strength and security of a Fortune 100 company.


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