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Group Programs for Businesses in the Northwest

If you're looking for a better pricing option and plan selection for your property and casualty insurance coverage, joining a group program together with companies that have similar business needs can be an attractive option. For the past 30 years, Liberty Mutual Insurance has offered a variety of group programs in the Northwest that provide several advantages:

  • By pooling your premium with those of other businesses, you'll have access to a better plan selection.
  • Sharing risks with businesses that have similar needs to your can also lower costs. Your business could benefit from premium returns, discounts, or dividends based on the group's safety performance.
  • We'll help you keep your workplace safe with workforce training tools, safety recommendations, and job site resources that are relevant to your business.

Find the Right Group Program for Your Business

We offer the following group programs:

Liberty Premier Contractors Group (LPCG) in Montana - Montana Only

As a member of the Liberty Premier Contractors Group in Montana, you’ll have access to one of the most experienced and stable workers compensation program offerings in the construction industry. Effective July 1, 2019 the LPCG retro program transitioned from a group retrospective rating plan to an individual guaranteed rate policy. As a participant in this group, you will continue to agree to comply with the LPCG Member expectations, including a signed safety commitment letter and implementation of loss prevention techniques unique to your business. In lieu of a retro refund, members will receive an upfront discount up to 15% for your demonstrated commitment to promoting safe practices in the workplace.

Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association (ORLA) - Oregon Only

For 30 years, Liberty Mutual has worked with the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association to offer an exclusive property, auto, and liability program and a workers compensation program to the Oregon hospitality industry. Learn more about our Property, Auto, and Liability Program or contact your independent agent.

Associated Oregon Loggers (AOL) - Oregon Only

We've supported the specialized needs of Oregon loggers for more than 50 years. Eligible AOL members can join this exclusive group dividend liability program. Learn More.​

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Contact an independent agent near you to find out more about joining one of the group programs above.


This is a general description of coverages.  Not all coverages are available in all states. Contact an independent agent or your broker for policy terms, conditions, and exclusions. 


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