Building Maintenance​


Protection for Your Building Maintenance Business

Companies count on you to clean their facilities and clear their sidewalks. You can count on Liberty Mutual Insurance to keep your crew and equipment safe, so you can keep those buildings sparkling and open for business.

Whatever type or size of facility your maintenance business services, from a local dentist’s office to a city skyscraper, we have the coverages to meet your needs. So whether you dent a wall while cleaning or lose a client’s keys, you’re protected.

Our building maintenance insurance is available for businesses that clean a wide range of facilities, including:

  • Government buildings
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Higher education institutions
  • Office buildings
  • Primary and secondary schools

Coverage Options

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Contact your broker or find an independent agent to learn more about how we can help provide protection for your building maintenance business.

Coverage options for this industry may vary depending on account size, location, and business type. Please contact an independent agent or your broker for more information.