​Oil and Gas Occupational Disease Exposures


Occupational Disease Exposures: Bringing Safety to the Surface

In the oil and gas industry, workers routinely come in contact with heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and chemical byproducts—exposures that can put them at significant risk for occupational disease (OD).

For an employer, managing OD exposures is critical for maintaining worker safety and productivity. Ineffective management can result in high-severity workers compensation claims, large fines for violating Occupational Safety & Health Administration regulations, and negative publicity—all of which can damage a company’s operation.

Actions your energy company can take to help ensure your workers stay safe on the job:

  • Train teams on the hazards of working with heavy machinery, hazardous materials, and chemical byproducts.
  • Caution workers to avoid direct skin contact as much as possible and provide and require that workers wear of personal protective equipment.
  • Prohibit employees from eating or drinking near hazardous materials.
    Use administrative controls, such as a worker rotation system, to help limit the length of time workers are exposed.

Learn more about how your company can protect workers from five of the most critical OD exposure risks by downloading our white paper.


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