Our Recipe for Protection

You want every meal you serve to be enjoyed. And for each step of the culinary process, from chopping and fire-roasting to the moment your patrons leave with their appetites satisfied, you need the right protection. With coverages tailored to meet the needs of restaurants of all types, we can help keep your business and reputation as impressive as the food you serve.

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we recognize that the exposures of the restaurant industry are as unique as your dishes. That’s why we offer industry-specific risk control services to help keep your business safe from kitchen fires, foodborne illness, slip and falls, and more.

From the family-owned restaurant to the national franchise, we provide coverage for a variety of restaurant types, including:

  • Company or franchise-owned restaurants
  • Family, casual, or fine dining restaurants
  • Fast casual or quick-service restaurants
  • Food management contractors
  • Independently owned or chain restaurants

Business-Specific Coverages

In addition to offering coverages such as commercial auto, general liability, and property, we also offer coverages tailored for your restaurant business, including:

  • Business interruption insurance
  • Liquor liability insurance

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Learn more about how we can help you protect your restaurant by finding an independent agent or contacting your broker. 

Coverage options for this industry may vary depending on account size, location, and business type. Please contact an independent agent or your broker for more information.