Risk Control​ Services


A Proactive Approach to Safety

At Liberty Mutual Insurance, we customize solutions based on your business’s specific needs. Our focus is to safeguard your business, employees, and property against risk by providing information and helping you plan ahead.

Specialized Support from Our Risk Professionals

You’ll always work with someone who truly understands your business and the risks you face. Our risk control and property engineering consultants are:

  • Industry specialists
  • Educated with degrees and designations in engineering, safety, and risk control
  • Active members of leading industry associations and safety committees

Working With You to Protect Your Business

Our experienced risk control group will work with you to assess your business, identify exposures, and make practical suggestions to help you mitigate risk. When you need answers, we’re available online, on the phone, and on site:

  • Use our proprietary safety website Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™,  to access materials and self-assessment tools to help keep your business safe.
  • Contact experienced specialists at our Risk Control Consulting Center by phone or email.*
  • Attend complimentary safety webinars on trending topics to better understand your business’s exposures and how to implement cost-effective solutions.

On-Site Support for Complex Programs

Some complex programs require on-site support.*  We can conduct an evaluation of your location and help you develop and implement a plan of action. Our risk professionals can:

  • Provide general safety assessments to identify areas of exposure and loss to help you address worker safety and liability risks
  • Analyze storage practices, review specifications and plans for construction projects, and attend fire alarm and system testing for your property

Dedicated Resources for Added Protection

Our commitment to safety extends beyond our office walls. We have dedicated risk control facilities that support your safety efforts and shape how we design our programs, including:

  • The Liberty Mutual Industrial Fire Lab is our state-of-the-art fire lab, which delivers an understanding of fire supppression systems that only hands-on training can provide.
  • The Liberty Mutual Industrial Hygiene Lab is an accredited industrial hygiene lab that quickly and efficiently provides air and gas sampling analytical services. If you are a customer and would like more information, please log in to your secure portal and visit the Industrial Hygiene section of Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™.

Learn More

We have the risk control resources and expertise to help you keep your employees, property, and workplace safe. To learn more, contact an independent agent or your broker today.

*Services may vary depending on account size and coverage type. Please contact your independent agent or your broker for more information.

Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™

Safety tools, training, and resources to help improve workplace safety and reduce the cost of risk.

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