Hail Action Plan

Hail storms often bring strong winds and heavy rains and can also occur with powerful thunderstorms. In most parts of the country, hail season begins in March and extends into the summer months. Hail can damage building roofs and roof-top equipment like air conditioners, vents, skylights, and heating units, and can also lead to inside water damage and service disruptions‒all of which can negatively affect a business’s day-to-day operations.
While hail storms cannot be prevented, there are ways your business can protect its facility and equipment from hail damage. Use our hail action plan to learn about:

  • Different roof covering types and their impact resistance
  • Recommendations on how to protect your facility and rooftop equipment
  • Suggestions for renovations or new construction projects

Safeguarding your business against hail storms can help minimize damage and result in a quicker recovery in the event of a loss.

To learn more about our risk control services and coverage options for your business, contact an independent agent or broker.


Following the procedures outlined can help you mitigate the impact of severe weather.  This material cannot, however, foresee every potential for loss or damage, so you should review your particular situation in an effort to identify all appropriate steps and precautions. No undertaking is intended or assumed by Liberty Mutual Insurance by this publication, as it is for informational purposes only.

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