​Winter Threats


Winter Threat Action Plan

The winter season can bring more to your business than just holiday shoppers, large shipments, and deliveries. It can also bring blizzards, freezing temperatures, heavy winds, and snow. When it comes to winter threats, it is important to be prepared.

Our winter storm action plan provides you with:

  • Checklists for pre-storm preparation
  • Immediate actions to take before and during a storm
  • Recovery steps to take after a storm hits

Plus, learn more about how to protect your business against hail that can damage roofs and roofing equipment.


Following the procedures outlined can help you mitigate the impact of severe weather. This material cannot, however, foresee every potential for loss or damage, so you should review your particular situation in an effort to identify all appropriate steps and precautions. No undertaking is intended or assumed by Liberty Mutual Insurance by this publication, as it is for informational purposes only.



​Keeping Your Business Safe

Affected by Hurricane Florence? These helpful tips can help you with your claims process.

​Our risk control professionals can advise you on the right solutions to help keep your business protected. Learn more.

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​Stay Prepared

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