Liberty Mutual Industrial Hygiene Laboratory​


One of the key elements to workplace safety is understanding the safety of your working environment.

As an accredited laboratory, we participate in proficiency testing programs and maintain proficient status for solvents, solvents in diffusive monitors, metals, asbestos fiber count, bulk asbestos, silica, aldehydes, compressed air, pharmaceuticals, beryllium, anions, and gravimetric analysis.

Our IH laboratory offers the following advantages:

  • Quick turnaround.  We offer standard turnaround time of 5 business days or less, with rush analysis available upon request.
  • Cost effectiveness. Our competitive pricing for lab services includes free sampling media and the use of our sampling equipment at no cost through our Pump Loan Program.
  • Quality control and assurance.  All report packages are peer-reviewed prior to issuing the final report and are compliant with AIHA-LAP, LLC and ISO 17025 requirements as well as NIOSH and OSHA guidelines.
  • Technical support. Consultation and technical support are available on weekdays from 7.30 a.m. — 5.30 p.m. ET. You can also find the IH Laboratory Sampling Guide and sampling videos on Liberty Mutual SafetyNet™

IH laboratory analytical services include:

  • Routine IH samples such as common metals, hexavalent chromium, solvents (including GC/MS scans), aldehydes, isocyanates, silica, anions, mercury, and asbestos.
  • Grade D Breathing Air and Grade E air testing
  • Medical Gas testing
  • NFPA Piping Purity
  • NFPA Medical Gas Concentration
  • NFPA Medical Air Purity Test (Compressor test)
  • LEED Indoor Air Quality assessment (TVOC and formaldehyde analysis)
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Fire Debris Analysis
  • Method development and validation