​Your Way Pay™

Your Way Pay1 is Liberty Mutual Insurance’s pay-as-you-go billing option for workers compensation policyholders. It provides billing flexibility and convenience, improved cash flow and more by using real-time payroll reporting to calculate your policy premiums.

With more accurate premiums paid out over the course of the policy term, you’re less likely to overpay or end up owing a large additional premium at the end of your policy term. This can be especially helpful if you have a business with a fluctuating payroll.

Benefits and Features

There are many good reasons to choose Your Way Pay as your billing option, including:

  • No down payments
  • No installment fees or service charges2
  • Self-report your payroll or use one of many approved payroll providers
  • Automatic withdrawals of premium payments
  • Better cash flow management
  • Lower risk of owing a large additional premium at the end of your policy term

Choosing Your Way Pay

You can elect Your Way Pay as your billing option when you first purchase your policy, or when you renew it – just contact your independent insurance agent to get set up!

Learn More

For more information, check out the Your Way Pay policyholder reference materials below:


1Your Way Pay is powered by SmartPay. Not available in HI, OH, ND, WA, WY

2Liberty Mutual does not charge a service fee for Your Way Pay. If you plan to use a payroll provider to report payroll on your behalf, please check to see if they charge a fee for this service. If you plan to use the SmartPay Payroll Reporting Service, the annual fee is $300.